More than ever does our world need the light of God's love.
This Lent we invite you to join us on a mission with God to carry our light into our neighborhoods and communities and to share His divine grace with our brothers and sisters.
 You’re shining the light of God's unending grace and love every time you serve. When you thank your mailman, when you sweep a neighbor's sidewalk or when you pick up a piece of garbage we see the light of Christ shining from you and we see the love of Jesus working in you. God has recruited YOU to spread His Word and love and to help grow His Kingdom.
This Lent let your light shine in word and deed, and bring God's grace into your neighborhoods. every day in prayer, caring, and sharing.

Join us for a special worship service on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 9:45am !

SHINE 2020

Share Your God Moments with Us!

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